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Introducing U8 “Node + Trade-to-Mine” model

Release Time: 2018-08-18 16:48:35



"If you missed the stock and real estate markets, make sure you don’t miss the digital currency opportunity!"


In the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has seen traders seizing unbelievable opportunities, fortunes were made overnight. Recently though the market has slowed down to a bear phase, and investors are looking for new opportunities.

In May 2018 a new China based crypt exchange introduced a new revenue model, called trade-to-mine or trans-fee mining, and it came under the spotlight when its trading volumes almost immediately surpassed those of some of the largest exchanges. This model involves cryptocurrency exchanges issuing their own tokens as a reward for trading, thus achieving two goals at the same time: one one hand trading incentivization, on the other hand reducing the cost of trading, because tokens can be redeemed to cover transaction commissions. Trade-to-mine tokens are by all means a cryptocurrency, which means that they can also be held until a later day.


U8 is a new exchange based on the trade-to-mine model, with the mission of acting as a bridge between users, investors and community supporters.

By adding nodes to trade-to-mine, U8 introduces a new “Node+Trade-to-Mine” business model in the crypto industry, where users and platform share mutual benefits.
We believe users to be the most precious asset of any exchange ecosystem, and that they therefore deserve a reward in return.

UB is U8 Exchange’s own native token, and it plays a critical role in determining users and nodes levels of rights and benefits. Building consensus and creating shared value is U8 goal, and UB is the main tool to achieve it.




The rules:

Any user who holds more than 100 UB tokens is entitled to mining rewards.
100% of transaction fees will be returned to miners in UB tokens, at the UB daily closing rate.

When a user meets certain requirements it qualifies as a Node, aka a stakeholder, and accesses more benefits, like Platform Dividends, Node Rewards Program, Trade-to-Mine Rewards Program.
Please read here for more on How to become a U8 Node.

Platform Dividends
     80% of the aggregate transaction fees amount is      distributed among Nodes in the form of dividends, while the remaining 20%      covers platform maintenance and community management.

     Dividend ratio:      
     Advanced node                    total     fees*80%*10%
     Intermediate node                total      fees*80%*30%
     Primary node                         total      fees*80%*60%
     Node type                UB lock-up            Ratio                1,000,000 total dividend 

Primary                      20,000                    60%                   allocated total 480,000

Intermediate              100,000                  30%                    allocated total  240,000

Advanced                   500,000                 10%                    allocated total   80,000


Node Rewards
     Nodes can get instant rewards, either for inviting new      users or for mining
     Referral rewards program (new users      registrations)
     Node type                One-time Reward

    Primary                   1% of UB tokens (acquired by invited user)

    Intermediate           3% of UB tokens (acquired by invited user)

    Advanced               5% of UB tokens (acquired by invited user)



1% UB tokens for primary node new user:  20,000x1%=200 UB


Trade-to-Mine      Rewards Program
     Nodes get an additional Trade-to-Mine bonus, based on Node type
     Node type                Additional Bonus
     Primary                           2% 
     Intermediate                   5% 
     Advanced                       8%


For more details please check Trade-to-Mine rules



U8, more than just an exchange.
More reward campaigns are coming soon.
Please stay tuned!