Trade-to-Mine rules

Trade-to-Mine:Registered users carry out transactions in a designed area of the platform. This is called Trade-to-Mine.
Mining reward:100% of transaction fees will be returned to miners in UB tokens, at the UB daily closing rate.
U8 node:A U8 node is a U8 platform stakeholder. In order to be eligible, a user must hold a certain minimum amount of UB tokens.
Node types:Nodes can either be primary, intermediate or advanced.
Eligibility requirements:Primary nodes must lock-up 20K UB tokens, intermediate nodes must lock-up 100K UB tokens, advanced nodes must lock-up 500K UB tokens.
Platform dividends:80% of the aggregate transaction fees amount is distributed among nodes (stakeholders) in the form of dividends, while the remaining 20% covers platform maintenance and community management.
Dividend ratio:
  1. Advanced node: total fees*80%*10%
  2. Intermediate node: total fees*80%*30%
  3. Primary node: total fees*80%*60%
Node type
UB lock-up
(example: 1,000,000 total dividend)
20000 UB
allocated total 480,000
100000 UB
allocated total 240,000
500000 UB
allocated total 80,000
Node rewards:
  1. Nodes can get instant rewards, either for inviting new users or for mining achievements.:
  2. (1)Referral rewards program (new users registrations)
  3. Node type
    One-time Reward
    20000 UB
    1% of UB tokens (acquired by invited user)
    100000 UB
    3% of UB tokens (acquired by invited user)
    500000 UB
    5% of UB tokens (acquired by invited user)
  4. (2)Trade-to-Mine rewards program
  5. Node type
    Additional Trade-to-Mine reward
    20000 UB
    100000 UB
    500000 UB

  6. All rewards programs can have time frames and/or limits, which will be officially announced by U8.
UB token purchase regulation (after main launch)

1. Multiple nodes and node types are allowed within the same account.
2. Users can obtain UB tokens either for Trade-to-Mine activity or by purchasing them directly on the platform. Once reached the required amount, a user can apply to become a node. When the application is approved, the corresponding UB tokens amount will be locked-up and become non-tradable.
Node termination

If a user wants to withdraw from a node position, he can apply for node termination.
1. The user starts the node termination process. Once the audit is passed, the locked-up UB tokens are returned gradually, over a 12 months period. Review 3-7 working days. Recovering period 30 days.
2. Nodes rights and privileges will be forfeit immediately after the node termination application.
If a user has multiple nodes, separate termination applications will be needed for each node. A user can choose to terminate only some of his nodes.